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CDBA 2019  Adjourned Session

The Thurmond Coleman, Sr. & T. Vaugh Walker

Ministry Mobilization Summit

The Lampton Missionary Baptist Church


1121 S Clay St | Louisville, KY 40203

Registration Opens at 9 am


Central District Church Secretaries and Administration Ministry

9: 45 am -Missionary Hour Honoring Mrs. Cora Coleman


Rev. Dr. Barry Johnson, CBDA Treasurer - Presiding

Pastor, Southern Star Baptist Church


11: 15 am Lunch


12pm Dr. T. Vaughn Walker Focus on Ministry Summit

Rev. Eric French, First Vice Moderator - Presiding

Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church

T. Vaughn Walker Lecture

by Dr. Cheryl Walker


T. Vaughn Walker Panel

Dr. Cheryl Waker, Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. Eric Johnson

Moderator: Rev. Larry Sykes


T. Vaughn Walker Sermon

Rev. Dr. Eric Johnson


2pm - Afternoon Christian Education Sessions

Rev. Larry Sykes, President, Christian Education Department


Option#1 - Catch the Wave: Developing Ministry Strategies for Changing Times

Taught by Rev. Stephen Smith


Option#2 -Fine. Fine. Fine.: Developing Appropriate Pastoral Care Strategies for 2020

Taught by Rev. Keith Hackett


Option#3 - Closing the Gap: Navigating Intergenerational Ministry

Taught by Rev. H. Wayne Colbert


4pm Dinner


5pm - Moments with the Moderator


6pm - Rev. Thurmond Coleman Focus on Ministry Summit

Rev. Corrie Shull, Moderator - Presiding

Pastor, Burnett Avenue Baptist Church

Music by First Baptist Church, Jtown Mass Choir


Thurmond Coleman, Sr. Lecture

Rev. Dr. Richard Gaines


Thurmond Coleman, Sr. Panel

Rev. Kevin Nelson, Dr. A. Russell Awkard, Rev. Keith Hackett

Moderator: Min. Kendall Daniels


Thurmond Coleman, Sr. Sermon  
Rev Robert Drake